Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health

Getting Help

Crisis Services

Comprehensive Crisis Services are provided 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Services are available to adults and children, suffering crisis situations, in Kittitas, Klickitat, and Yakima Counties. Crisis referrals may be made by telephone and/or in person by an individual, family member, or professional. Trained Comprehensive professionals provide crisis stabilization services facilitating further treatment as needed. The Crisis Triage Center, operated jointly by Comprehensive and Dependency Health Services, provides intensive evaluation and treatment of mental health and chemical dependency issues.

The Sexual Assault and Crime Victim Services Program in Yakima and Abuse, Support & Prevention Education Now (ASPEN) in Kittitas County provide 24-hour access to trained sexual assault advocates who provide referral, medical, or legal advocacy, as well as supportive crisis counseling, to victims of sexual assault and general crimes.

In addition to the above services, ASPEN and Yakima’s Victim Services Program provides domestic violence advocacy and emergency shelter to victims of domestic violence. Support is available for victims' friends and family at both locations. Services are free and confidential.

Yakima County - Call (509) 452-9675 or 1 (888) 605-6999
Kittitas County - Call (509) 925-9384 or 1 (866) 925-9384

Community & Business Crisis Response Services

Post-Incident Response (Critical Incident Stress Debriefings)
When individuals experience a traumatic event in the workplace or in the community, it is common for them to experience Critical Incident Stress. In order to minimize the potential long-term consequences of this stress, trained Comprehensive staff can provide on-site Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD). These debriefings are designed to provide information on critical incident stress, discuss healthy coping strategies, normalize post-incident responses, and reduce potential problems trauma can create when left unaddressed.

For additional information, call (509) 575-3786 during regular work hours and (509) 575-4200 or (800) 572-8122 evenings and weekends.

Information and Consultation Requests

Requests for Information and Services

Comprehensive has received a rapidly increasing number of requests for information about its Acute Care services programs. Because the volume and depth of these requests has made substantial demands on our staff time, we have developed a fee-based consultation program for those who wish in-depth information or tours of our program. Basic information about our program is available at no cost here: Jail Diversion or here: Triage Center . If you are interested in more in-depth information or a tour please contact our consultation team and we will be glad to discuss our fees and arrangements with you. We love sharing our program and talking with other communities about how they might adapt our programs. We apologize for the need to charge for our time but feel we must in order to remain in viable operation.